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FSC, MDRT 2022



FSC, MDRT 2022



FSC, MDRT 2022



FSC, MDRT 2022



Associate Director

It's been two and a half decades. People ask me, "Why do you stay so long?" It's because I love the job at AcefinX and I'm still loving the job. To a certain extent, I am very committed. I am committed the the clients who have supported me through the years and with that, I have to continue to drive through to be with them and help them.

Being a financial services consultant essentially means you are your own boss; you plan your own schedule and timings. Working at AxefinX gave me a great work-life balance. I am able to complete my daily tasks while having room to help out my mother with groceries when she calls for me. I really like the freedom and flexibility I get. Not only that, I am also able to travel multiple times a year; I am not bounded by a schedule nor a set number of annual leaves. Just last month, I traveled to Barcelona with my friends!

You must be passionate about what you do. When you are passionate, it's not work anymore. It's really about wanting to help the people around you gather financial knowledge. It doesn't matter if you have the proper skillset at the beginning because AcefinX provides training for you. I believe that having proper training and a close-knit agency like AcefinX that is always ready to help you is very important, especially if you are new.

For me my biggest priority is having the time to attend to my children and my family. Of course, income is also important. Here at AcefinX, I get the flexibility to do that while still being able to do what I like like playing golf. I also earn enough to be able to save for myself and my family’s future.

My challenge when looking for a new career was definitely matching the flexibility and potential in earnings year in and year out, as I’ve enjoyed when running my own business in the past. I really believe that I am where I am today because I opened myself up to possibilities. I didn’t close the door on new opportunities. The room behind that door was vast with a high ceiling, almost as if the sky is the limit. At AcefinX, I got a great amount of support to reach for that high ceiling. AcefinX is also one of few remaining groups to still have its own social media and branding department that generates leads and connections for its team to thrive on.

"I've been with AcefinX for two and a half decades."

"I've been here for over 9 years and I can see first-hand the amount of guidance and help you can get working here."

"We have so many helpful seniors who are willing to share."

"This is different from the usual 9-5 job. You will be able to do what you want while being able to sustain yourself."

"I really believe that I am where I am today because I opened myself up to possibilities and gave it a go with AcefinX."

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